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Our Farm

Glen Greenock lies on a combination of rich basalt and sedimentary soils in the centre of the Victorian goldfields.

Tourello Farm- The Murphy family own and operate the Glen Greenock business from their 160 acre farm in Tourello. The property sits directly to the southeast of the distinctive Mt Beckworth; across a broad lava plain to the north lies the original Glen Greenock Farm and Mt Greenock, after which the business derived its name. Gerard and Angela have farmed the Tourello property since 1983 and now, in partnership with their youngest son Dom, are carrying on the Glen Greenock name, and taking back control of their supply chain to focus on direct local sales of high quality produce.

Share farms - Agistment at other, small properties in the area allows increased carrying capacity when necessary, and all Glen Greenock lamb is raised using the same practices of responsible land use and animal husbandry which are carried out at Tourello.

Farming at Glen Greenock aims to increase natural fertility, soil health and function, biodiversity, and general ecosystem resilience by using a range of methods. These include application of natural fertilisers, inputs and composts,  multi-species cover cropping, building diverse perennial pastures, and rotational grazing. Tree planting is also carried out for shelter belts, biodiversity protection, carbon sequestration and future agroforestry aspirations.

Annual rainfall is approximately 600mm at Tourello, and agisted properties are in slightly drier and hotter climates. This creates a need for different farming approaches, and makes it all the more important to maximise moisture retention, build soil function, and ensure that we are striving for diverse, productive and actively growing farms.  In this way we can maintain and regenerate the land, while producing high quality, local food to the full potential of the land.

Our Ethos

At Glen Greenock Farms we are convinced by the overwhelming evidence that our own health and wellbeing derives from eating those things that are grown and raised naturally and treated ethically. Also, food is not just something that appears on our plate; its supply has an impact on the health and wellbeing of our community, our economy, and our environment. We believe it is our job to make this a positive impact.

Much of what we eat is derived from the land, and ultimately the most wholesome and enjoyable food comes from land which is nourished, naturally fertilised and biologically alive; based on natural systems and sound management, and not reliant solely on monocultures or artificial inputs.

Equally, animals that we eat should be treated with respect, not only because healthy, well-fed and non-stressed animals result in superior tasting meat, but also because respect for the animal is our responsibility.  The famous farmer and world-renowned speaker Joel  Salatin says ‘Animals should only have one bad day in their life’.

At Glen Greenock Farms we believe it is our responsibility that even that day should not be ‘bad’.

Our Lamb

Glen Greenock lamb comes from the distinctive black faced Suffolk breed of sheep, which is known to have an amazing depth of flavour with a modest amount of tiny marbling in the meat that results in its superior eating.

The Suffolk breed is a 100% meat sheep that results in a far higher meat quality in terms of grain, texture, marbling and overall flavour, with no legacy of compromise that may result from crossing with wool breeds.

For prime cuts cooked and eaten in the modern lamb way, Suffolk lamb is at its premium best up to 7 months of age. This is why Glen Greenock Suffolk Lamb is seasonally available and in limited supply. However, Suffolk lamb is also delicious when it is grown out to ‘two tooth’ age (up to 18 months old) in cooking that is slower and longer; especially in casseroles and slow cooked roasts.

Our Produce

We also provide a range of other produce from our property. Some of these are available year-round, some are only seasonally available

Mushrooms - We grow mushrooms at Tourello on an ongoing basis. These include pink oyster, winter whites, tan oyster and king browns, with some other varieties also available periodically. Mushrooms are sold in 500g and 1kg packs (approx.) for $35/kg. Delivery of these is also available, generally at no/low cost depending on the location.

Eggs - We have a small flock of chickens which produce pastured eggs from the Tourello property. Pricing is $6/doz., and delivery options are also available.

Goat meat - We have a small herd of goats, which are not bred on property, but instead purchased from a dairy farm at weaning. These goats are grown out on a combination of pasture and multi-species forage crops, before being processed for meat. Contact us if you are interested in goat meat in whole or half animal options, or smaller quantities by negotiation.

Honey - Honey harvested from our rural and urban hives is seasonally available. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing honey.

Seasonal produce - Fruit from our orchard (apples, nuts, cherries, pears, olives), and vegetables from our garden and greenhouse are seasonally available. Keep an eye out on our social media pages, or contact us directly for availability


Buy Produce

Choose from our whole or half lamb packs. 

Pricing is $17.00 per kg carcass weight of the animal that is allocated to you. The weight may vary according to the time of year and how large the lambs have grown, a guide is provided in the product description below.

Please note: total weight of butchered cuts is typically about 75% of the carcass weight. This is because butchering for customer cuts removes some bone, fat and unusable meat. This may vary from animal to animal due to natural growth variations.

Place your order by filling in the form below.  In the week leading up to delivery we will email you with the weight and hence the cost. Payment options are EFT (bank transfer) or cash on delivery.

Delivery to Ballarat area is free (postcode 3350) or elsewhere for a cost of $10. Pickup is also available from the Tourello property.

Please notify us by email if you would prefer to pick up or we will assume that home delivery is required and will be in touch with an estimated time of delivery closer to the date. Thank you.

Place your order now by filling in the contact form below.

Glen Greenock Suffolk lamb is available directly from our farm to you with our assurance of quality, transparency and ethical animal management, built on a foundation of natural farming practice.

– Glen Greenock Farms

Whole Lamb Pack

  • 2 legs (bone-in or butterflied, whole or halved)
  • 2 shoulders (bone-in or rolled, whole or halved)
  • 12 loin chops
  • 16 cutlets or 2x 8point racks
  • 2 lamb shanks
  • Sausages or mince
  • Diced lamb
  • 4 neck chops
  • approx. 16 to 24 kg (@ $17.00/kg cwt)

Half Lamb Pack

  • 1 legs (bone-in or butterflied, whole or halved)
  • 1 shoulder (bone-in or rolled, whole or halved)
  • 6 loin chops
  • 8 cutlets or 1x 8point rack
  • 2 lamb shanks or neck chops
  • Sausages or mince
  • Diced lamb
  • approx 8 to 12 kg (@ $17.00/kg cwt)

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